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HOSUTECH - Integrated Technology Solutions

HOSUTECH specializes in the areas of Home &Building Automation and security systems, it offers aprofessional as SYSTEM INTEGRATOR.

 "Your future is our present."

Engineers HOSUTECH study and designthe best technological solutions in economic investment than expected by thecustomer , assisting the construction of the preliminary stage of the projectuntil the stage of post-installation maintenance.

 HOSUTECH chose to be part of the Network of Companies " CREA Ecoliving " as it believes that the sharing of ideas, skills, professional and personal experience of each participant in the group work , it is the extraordinary strategy that will help the same companies and Consequently civilization , in the enthusiasm for doing what fascinates each, as well as possible , respecting employees . In this new philosophy of Enterprise and Life , all are protagonists , the customer , according to CREA Ecoliving , is a "link in the chain”.


HOSUTECHpartners with manufacturers of electronic equipment , professionals involved inthe design and installers wishing to equip their facilities withtechnologically innovative systems with endless integration possibilities withother dispositive and ettronici and mechanical systems in buildings . This integration is the really meaning of AUTOMATION.

HOSUTECH chosethe bus protocol KONNEX as the main technological development platform becauseit guaranteed more than 35,000 partners in 120 countries worldwide .

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Notizie Hosutech

LUCA COMINI - co_founder COMINI LUCA dalla passione Artigiana all'intuito per l'IMPRESA COMINI LUCA Artisan from intuition passion for UNDERTAKING Not only passion for manual labor or simple execution of an exercise, COMPANY will become when you are willing to learn new ways of working , to administer , it becomes when there is a predisposition to share ideals with collaborators each ENTREPRENEUR creates at his side .
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