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what Hosutech do every day


 The numerous services required to HOSUTECH byprofessionals, manufacturers and installers is expected that the technicaldepartment is constantly turned to the research and development of solutionsand integrated systems that respond to the great search for the best comfort inthe respect of the budget made available by the user. The constant technicalassistance for everyone we designed and tested system ensures our partners tofind an ideal collaborator to manage their customers and maintain updatedfacilities.


   VIDEO SURVEILLANCE: HOSUTECH bypartnering with leading manufacturers of digital systems of video surveillanceprovides its customers with solutions that meet the specific needs inaccordance with the available budget. They are now available at low cost analogcameras that ensure fair results which often coincide with the client'sexpectations. Increasingly, digital solutions are preferred to allow viewing ofthe video surveillance and remote use through common smartphone system. Todaythe most popular solutions, at the expense of a first investment, result to bethe HD (high definition) that, thanks to the perfect quality of the recordedimage, allow to reduce the number of installed cameras using the zoom functionthat allows to see also little details.


 HOSUTECH always offers the remote managementof installed power plants to provide its customers with the after sales servicethat guarantees the stability of the system over time preserving it.  


SAFETY: HOSUTECH deals with securityoffering passive protection realizing burglar alarm systems solutions designedto ensure the reporting of intruders in the areas owned by customizing thealarm events according to specific customer requirements and in accordance withthe criteria established by the technical regulations. HOSUTECH offering annualcontracts for the maintenance of the plants to ensure maximum customer aftersales service ....  


ENERGY SAVING: To make the most andcorrectly the energy of home, office or any other buildings, even theself-produced renewable energy, HOSUTECH has an energy consumption monitoringsystem, lights and electrical components, which allows show clearly if theenergy is used efficiently.

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