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where the company was founded

Hosutech History

1991 - 2015

My story beginsin 1991 when, after working at local companies employed by electrical andindustrial plants I was born the passion for building my own company. I dividemyself between the running of manual labor and technical training by virtue ofnewborn 46/90 law that regulated the installer's work.


The passion forelectronics leads me to continue his studies of new technological systems tomake electrical installations. The system manufacturers offer training on theirproducts and teach the new way to make the facility accessible to the user.They created the first home automation systems that allow the automation ofelectrical services.


In 2001, soon toserve the technical support to a national producer for intruder detectionsystems, video surveillance and fire. This work takes me to work with manycolleagues electricians and allows me to gather and assess the needs of missingservices, I sense the opportunity for a new figure among industryprofessionals. The SYSTEM INTEGRATOR.


Beginning in 2005with a lot of passion to study the various automation systems, solutionsdevelopment with MyHome and Byme protocol, but I find the ultimate expressionof my projects in developing ideas with KONNEX products. I formed amongmanufacturers of electronic devices ABB, SIEMENS, GEWISS, SCHNEIDER and Ibecome partners with the mandate of mechatronic systems designer and soon thetechnical assistance to help installers who need coaching in the activity ofbuilding automation systems . In 2009 he becomes KONNEX PARTNER.

The globalintegration of technologies, thanks to the bus system KONNEX allows me today tosupport my small company implementing projects for installers, manufacturersand end customers who ask me innovative solutions that, in accordance with theplanned budget, can offer SAFETY, COMFORT and ENERGY SAVING .

Today my mainactivity summarize it in: design and development of automated security systems.I look at the most innovative manufacturers to know the technology and learnhow to integrate it in my projects. Continuing education engages me a long timebut at the same time allows me to be updated to technological solutionsavailable within 5 years, this to ensure continuity and innovation projects tomy customers.

I have chosen tobelong to the NETWORK OF COMPANIES because I believe that you will become greattogether, the idea of ​​my other colleagues can become the force added to theproposal of an innovative project. A mutual aid which also serves another in aspirit of solidarity while remaining in PROFIT.


Via Attila, 8 - 37067 Salionze (VR)   |   info@hosutech.com   |   Tel 045 63 69 622 - Fax 045 63 69 623   |   P. IVA 02325480230 | Cod.Fiscale CMNLCU69L12L567Y
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