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what needs to choose hosutech

A careful and proper management of the electrical and thermal consumption ensures a high level of energy efficiency. 
Monitoring systems and two-way power contactors allow us to operate electrical consumers when the self permits to avoid waste or loss. 
Thermoregulation entrusted to soffistifate equipment but still economic, and above all, simple to use for the standard user, 
we can maximize cost savings.
PASSIVE SAFETY:Thanks to the innovative digital video surveillance systems, intrusion alarm, deterrence systems with the use of fog cannons, 
also of accesssi and gates control systems for business use, we can ensure the perfect protection of the house and of each building.
The design and development of electrical systems made with digital electronic devices allows to guarantee the user precise control of levels,
 temperatures, floods, unexpected intervention of lifesaving protections, glass breakage, abnormal vibrations, gas and uncontrolled presence of smoke escapes.
Thanks to the integrated control of energy resources and the use of environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, 
light and presence you can obtain functional scenarios that fit the specific needs of each type of user replying 
with a simple gesture setting tailor-made.
 The auxiliary sensors that follow the manual control the user environment can reach 
unimaginable comfort levels with other systems.


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