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No doubtthe availability provided by HOSUTECH to date to collaborators, partnersmanufacturers / installers and customers of all kinds, is distinguished by itsspecific offer technical advice.

Every daywe can propose technological solutions, quality and price, guaranteeing anideal and affordable choice.

HOSUTECHoffers its stakeholders, ideas and advice useful for the development ofprojects for renovations and new technological systems having gained manyexperiences in 20 years of experience in electrical engineering, as well as theconstant training.

We supportthe leading manufacturers in the industry to share ideas and to choosedevelopment strategies for new devices and new software that can respond to theneeds of each customer.



HOSUTECHserving as a System Integrator supports the customer right from the designphase by offering its know-how and, with the example of their ownaccomplishments, helps him make the right choices in relation to the availablebudget.

We pay tosupport, during the design phase of the building, the professional, theinstaller and interior design alike thanks to strong experience both in thecivilian sector that in the service and sales sector.

Thetechnical department of HOSUTECH works every day to draw final designs thatallow electricians to go on site with the sole task of laying devices andpre-programmed materials and optimize their execution times.

Thespecific technical and documentary drawings think we US! ... Try it!


remote control


HOSUTECHoffers customized solutions "remote control" using web servers fromdifferent manufacturers on the Italian and European market in order to offerfunctional systems that find the right balance price / performance.

 "Supervision"of home automation systems is required by current European Standard EN15232already from Class B.

With thehelp of the common smart devices (iPhone, iPad) you can communicate with yourhome, your business. Each your plant can be remotely controlled by you with theguarantee that the command has been successful thanks to digital technologiesthat provide the feedback (status ..oggetto). Being able to control the openingof a gate, turn on / off lights, turn on electrical and mechanical functionsfrom anywhere you are, after internet connection, using the object thateveryone today carry in your pocket and in a few days on your wrist issynonymous with safety and comfort.




Today theliving comfort is synonymous with comfort and energy savings. Thanks to the useof probes in every environment that detect temperature, humidity and in somecases also carbon dioxide, we can ensure the best comfort.

constantcontrol of temperature inside the space which meets the desired value by theuser, and monitoring the external temperature to modulate the real of theheating / cooling requirements, are a guarantee of efficiency and reduced fuelconsumption.

HOSUTECHprovides modular solutions that allow each plant to obtain substantial economicsavings.



It 'areliable and easy to use system (friendly), flexible to evolve with thechanging needs of the accommodation facilities (hotels, camping sites, farm andB & B) and buildings (homes, shops, offices and spas).

The KONNEXaccess control system is designed based on innovative technological concepts,which allow an optimized management of services, simplifying the dailyoperations and ensuring maximum safety of those who benefit the environmentsand selected areas.

HOSUTECHproposes this system because it helps reduce operating expenses,razzionalizzando energy consumption, with the ability to control everytechnological system such as the planting of summer / winter climatizzazzioneand electric utilities.




 ...It is the true definition of DOMOTICS, integrate different technologicalsystems by making them "talk" to each other.

And 'thedaily challenge that HOSUTECH accept from their partners, customers andemployees, to be able to ensure the best operation of all systems simultaneouslywith reliability, safety and comfort. The first finding is derived from thisinnovation is energy saving.

The mostconcrete example to understand simply the effectiveness of these systems can beintegrated as follows: leaving the house, the activation of the burglar alarmsystem, the "Ambient House" does a "personalized" scenariothat involves the switch off all the lights, turning off the power to theoutlets and fixed non-priority electrical loads, reduction of 1 degree of thesummer / winter temperature control required, lowers the blinds, etc ...

No morewaste due to unwanted standby to maintain a high expenditure of energy and as aresult more and more expensive the cost of the bills! and then ... to returnhome, turning off the same system intrusion, everything is as it was before youleave or as you wish!



How doesthe "load control":

1) Eachelectrical load is monitored constantly and managed according to the associatedpriority.

2) There isthe possibility to force a load in order to exclude it from the priorityassociated also with the aid of freely programmable time bands.

HOSUTECHwith this system allows you to enable electric utilities in the presence ofover-production from renewable sources (photovoltaic) independently optimizingenergy efficiency. For example, since we are at work and the photovoltaicsystem produces energy, the home automation system provides for activating theheat pump to cool or heat the house. Back at the house you will find theair-conditioned house at 0 cost!



 Energysavings in a building is also guaranteed from the correct lighting. For thisthe control of natural light, through constant light sensors, it allows arational use of artificial light.

Lightingcontrol Home Automation allows you to create suggestive settings that enrichenvironments of all kinds (living room, relaxation room, turkish bath andsauna, swimming pools and gardens). Today the use of colored light (RGB) provesto be an excellent decorative solution and complement to the furnishings aswell as foster a new level of comfort.

HOSUTECHdevelops control systems for lighting with the aid of gateway DMX - DALI - RGB

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